How to Make a Donation

Helping Us Help Others

Light A Candle

Your contribution of $10 lights a candle.

For a contribution of $10 per candle you may designate a light on a tree at Fauquier Hospital located on Hospital Hill, Warrenton, VA.

During times such as this we continue to help those in our community, and we find that the needs have increased. We have awarded health-related scholarships to college students reapplying as they pursue their health-related studies. We have also awarded grants to nonprofits such as the local food banks in our community. Our current outreach program focuses on community cancer patients; that has included but not limited to gift cards, personal care items, nutritional items as well as a holiday social.

We look forward to your continued support and will use the funds raised to continue with established programs and expand our support of our community at large. We acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful support and giving. You make the Lights for Life Fundraiser and Celebration a meaningful success.