Lights for Life

Join us for our 2021
Virtual Lights for Life

Fundraiser & Celebration

Out of an abundance of ongoing caution due to COVID-19, the Fauquier Community Enrichment Alliance, Inc.’s, (formerly Fauquier Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.) will welcomes the start of the Christmas season with its annual Lights for Life Fundraiser and Celebration.

This is the 38th event and the 2nd Virtual 2021 Lights For Life Fundraiser and Celebration.

The Virtual Lights For Life Fundraiser will begin Tuesday, November 22, 2021 until December 31, 2021. Each Donor will be able to honor or remember a love one online for $10.00 and sponsors will be able to choose a sponsorship level. This year you will be able to provide online information for each person you honor/remember and if the recipients will receive an email acknowledgement.

The 2021 Top of The Tree Honorees is the “Cancer Survivors of

Fauquier County” and the theme is “Celebrating Every Day.”

Let us salute these brave honorees and celebrate every day with


Proceeds will be used to award health-related scholarships,

grant giving opportunities to other non-profit organizations,

and an outreach program to help cancer patients of Fauquier



Our Courageous Heroes


Fauquier Health Employees

In honor of all the front line workers who have selflessly put their lives on the line every day for the health and safety of our community.

Our 2019

Top-of-the-Tree Honorees


The Fauquier Volunteer Fire Rescue Association is comprised of 9 Volunteer Fire Rescue agencies within Fauquier County.  The Association is headed by President Tom Marable.  He has served the Association in the capacity of president for many years.

Each company consists of Active Running Members, Support Members and Life Members.  The Active Running Members are the Certified Firefighters and Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who run the calls.

The Support Members work behind the scenes and they help with the administrative work and fundraisers.   The Life Members have been a volunteer for many years and maybe retired but still may take run calls.

We're All In This Together

Lending a hand in the time of need.

The Fauquier County Fire & Rescue Volunteers serve us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are dedicated to the preservation of life and property through education, quality emergency medical care, effective fire suppression and hazard mitigation.

Let’s Light Up the Night

Light a Candle in Honor and in Memory of Your Loved One.

Fauquier Community Enrichment Alliance, Inc.

Caring in Action

Proudly supporting the health and wellbeing of Fauquier's community since 1954.

News & Updates

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